Kicker Marine Speakers Are For More Than Just Boats

Kicker is already well known for their car audio line of products and they incorporate that same quality into their marine products. The first thing you notice when you pull a kicker marine speaker out of the box is how heavy it is for the size. They don’t skimp on the size of the magnet and that is where most of the weight is. It lets you know that you are holding a quality marine audio product in your hand!

That having been said, Kicker encases their magnets in plastic for waterproof protection and also shields them so that they won’t interfere with compasses or other sensitive equipment. The entire speaker is waterproof and can be exposed to splashing, rain or mud. That makes them great for ATVs, snow mobiles and the like as well as boats.

The UV resistant grills won’t break down under long exposure to sunlight and they are permanently attached. That may not seem like a good thing, but you never have to worry about the grills flying off when you are bouncing over waves in your boat or climbing up a rocky hill in your ATV.

They also have plenty of power to produce the sound you want.

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Title: Kicker Marine Speakers Are For More Than Just Boats
Date Posted: March 15, 2014
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