Sansa Clip Zip MP3 Player Provides Great Features

The Sansa Clip Zip from SanDisk is another in their line of tiny MP3 players. This one has a little bit larger LCD display than you might expect so it gives you a bit better navigation than previous models. It is a direct competitor with the iPod Shuffle, although we think it actually provides better features.

The Clip Zip goes from about $60 to $80 depending on whether you want the 4 GB model or the 8 GB. You can also upgrade the amount of storage with a micro SD card. The slot on the side is one thing lacking in the iPod Shuffle.

The controls are very basic and consist of up and down, right and left arrow keys along with a select button. There is also a back button which is convenient for skipping back through the menus where you have already been. As you might expect, there is a volume rocker switch on the side and a USB port for connectivity and recharging. The Clip Zip also actually does come with a convenient clip so that you can easily attach it to your clothing or a belt.

An FM radio is included with some cool station presets. It uses the headphones as an antenna and we found the reception to generally be pretty strong.

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Title: Sansa Clip Zip MP3 Player Provides Great Features
Date Posted: March 15, 2014
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